Tools Nov 04, 2015

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A bunch of tools

Here is a list of a couple of the tools I use on a daily basis. It's mostly a reference for myself, but it might be handy for others to get an idea of what is out there. If you found a cool tool and want to tell me about it, just leave a comment. I will update this over time.




  • Alfred - Improved Spotlight for Mac
  • Shimo - VPN Client for Mac
  • f.lux - f.lux is free software that warms up your computer display at night, to match your indoor lighting.
  • Dropbox - Sync files between multiple computers
  • Divvy - Window management at its finest
  • Monolingual - Save some diskspace on your Mac by removing unneeded languages (might break some software)



  • Bitbucket and Github - Source control
  • Atom - Text editor / IDE
  • Vagrant - Lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments
  • Git flow - Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching model.
  • PsySH - Runtime developer console, interactive debugger and REPL for PHP
  • A better git log - Improves git log output
  • Bash git prompt - Informative git prompt for bash and fish
  • Mosh - Remote terminal application that allows roaming, supports intermittent connectivity, and provides intelligent local echo and line editing of user keystrokes.